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"What we love about the Beatles is not just the music, but the whole Beatle's story...from working class youths to the humble kings of the music world" "We're all Beatle "nuts"...we've spent hundreds of hours studying the music, the layered vocal harmonies...the subtle instrumentation..."

"We love to see the smiles appear as people reminisce, the toes start to tap as they mouth the words and you can sense they've been taken back in time."


Shawn as "John"



Shawn got his start with the"Some Times a Fantasy" band in the 80's and played 4 years with "Mode C Intruders" in the 90's. His favorite Beatle song is "Martha My Dear". Shawn also writes his own music and songs. In addition to incredible musical versatility, Shawn brings an uncanny vocal portrayal of the legendary "John". Shawn plays Rickenbacker, and Epiphone guitars. 

Ron as "Paul"



Ron started playing the guitar at 14, learned his first Beatle song "All My Loving" and never looked back. After years of projects with "Moulton Rock", "Destiny" and the "Mode C Intruders" where he played lead guitar, he switched to a Hofner and settled into this current project in 1995, and has happily resided there ever since. His portrayal of Sir Paul is youthfull, energetic and combines vocals and musicianship into an impressive package that gives the Fab 4 a boost in its ability to thrill crowds. His favorite Beatle song is "Strawberry Fields". He also writes songs in his own studio "Abbey Road West".

Tom as "George"



(Vocals, Lead Guitar) - Tom has been playing in Beatles tribute bands since high school, and his long-time study of George’s guitar work really shows with the Fab 4! Tom plays Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Epiphone, and Gibson guitars, as well as the famous Fender “Rocky” Strat. He also uses Vox amps for that authentic Beatle sound.


Michael as "Ringo"


(Vocals, Drums, Percussion) - Drummer Michael "Ringo" Campbell, though not from Liverpool, Eng., but from Liverpool, NY, when not playing dates with the Fab 4, tours with former Beatle opening act Tommy Roe. How's that as a tie-in, not to mention that he also is married to a Barbara.  


Don't forget the Sound Crew

Sound Crew

On occasion, The Fab 4 uses high quality substitute players to fill in for cast members.



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